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How to Fly to Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles or San Francisco and back for only 14$CAD ? The answer is by travel hacking with credit cards bonuses. Don’t worry, it’s not real hacking, it’s just a trick to fly for cheap 🙂 *Now the card is no longer free for the first year so fees are $150 plus $14 to this trick = $164


Want to fly to Vegas for almost free ? Well do like me and collect points for free flights and just pay flight taxes only by getting the American Express gold credit card that gives 25000 welcome points or reward bonuses, the only thing to get the welcome bonus of 25,000 points that can be transferred to 25000 Aeroplan Miles is you must purchases $500 on the card now it’s 1500$ on the card in the first 3 months from the day your opened the account, then you will receive those 25000 points in your account, and then earn points during the free period (Now this card cost 150$) of one year and cancel the card before the free trial period ends. So card cost = 0$.

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Transfert 1:1 25000 Amex rewards points = 25000 Aeroplan miles

With 25000 Aeroplan miles it’s enough to give you a return flight to Las Vegas, San Francisco, L.A. or Florida from Montreal or Burlington.

Example: Montreal to Las Vegas May 4th to the 11th with 25000 Aeroplan Miles you pay only 76.15$CAD from Montreal but if you want it cheaper, choose Burlington Vermont to Vegas with cheaper taxes is only 14$CAD see pictures

Burlington to Las Vegas for only 14$CAD in taxes

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Montreal to Las Vegas with United cause less taxes with them compare to Air Canada cost only 76$CAD01-05-2016 12-24-59 AM

But also you can maximize your points by adding another city to fly too, like Burlington to Las Vegas then to Los Angeles or San Francisco and back to Burlington for the same 14$CAD in taxes

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Or go to San Francisco and then to Anchorage Alaska and back

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Or go to Orlando Florida and then to Las Vegas and back

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Or go to Las Vegas and then to Seattle and back

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So this is how I do it guys !! 14$CAD flight, simple as that 🙂 Just click on my sponsorship link below to make an online request very easy, that will give me also points for referring you guys and we both wins. If you have questions about this, feel free to ask on my facebook group.

Exemple, You can pay with your Amex on : Rent, Hydro, Insurance or City taxes with a 2.5% fees. (By using my link here, you will get your first 500$ with no fees)

To get the card here –> American Express Gold card

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Thank you & Bon voyage !!


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