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A little trick here to how to lower the price when going to Vancouver from Montreal with specific dates.

Example : 21st Oct to the 29th, prices to Vancouver from Montreal are pretty high, the cheapest R/T is 675$ with Westjet.

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So if like me and travel with just a backpack, first you’ll save on luggage fees especially in North America as carriers make millions of $ each year with those checked baggage fees. By traveling with just carry-on, you can do this trick but you must travel with only a carry-on since you will disembarked before the final destination of a one way flight so if you have a checked luggage, it will continue to it’s final destination.

Example: Take a one way flight only going to Seattle at a good price like this one at 217$CAD on the 21st of October and which will have a connection in Vancouver (see photo), then take the first segment to Vancouver, then you will disembark there at Vancouver airport and notify the company that you will not take the final flight to Seattle, then you get out of the airport with your carry-on in hand and voila you are in Vancouver.

2016-10-03 12-49-37

For the return flight to Montreal, book the cheapest one way flight again example here with Westjet at 270$CAD from Vancouver to Montreal on October 29th.

2016-10-03 12-51-27

And the total price for the 2 one ways will be 487$CAD for the round trip to Vancouver instead of 675$CAD for the same dates, a savings of 188$ by doing this trick and also you will save a 60$ in fees of checked luggage because you have to travel with only a carry-on bag when doing this. This is how you can travel cheaper to Vancouver 🙂

* Very important to buy 2 separate one ways, not together.

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