How to fly to Mexico then to Hawaii and back for only 148$CAD

How to fly to Mexico then to Hawaii and back for 148$CAD total? Well again do the credit card trick as seen in the 1st how to fly to the Vegas for 14$ page.


On that page, I talked about the American Express Gold card welcome bonuses  of 25000 points and traveling with those points for only 14$CAD. There’s also another card that gives a nice welcome bonuses, like the TD Visa Aeroplan Infinite right now as a good promotion of 15000 Aeroplan Miles +10000 Aeroplan miles after 3 months of good standing = 25000 Aeroplan Miles and the first year is free of charge (Promo ended, now this card cost 120$) and you got to apply before May 16th of 2017 before this promo ends. After keep it for a 11 months and then cancel it before they charge the annual fee for the second year.

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P.S. Don’t worry about the minimum annual personal income limit of 60000$ for this TD card, if you know that you have a good credit score like me and you always pay your bills on time, do as I did and put 60000$ when ask even if you’re not in that range, I am not in that range at all and I got accepted right away and got the card in the mail, credit card companies don’t know how much you make a year.

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With the Amex gold and this TD card , you’ll get 50000 Aeroplan miles so enough to do the same trip as I did, I used 45000 Aeroplan Miles and I flew from Burlington to Los Cabos Mexico and then to San Fransisco (1 day) and then to Hawaii and back to Burlington for just only 148$CAD in taxes, thanks to those credit cards with 1st year free of charge so you pay 0$ (visa TD card promo ended, now only the Amex Gold is still free for the first year) for them if canceled at 11 months after first used.

For more info for TD card and apply for it clic here to get 1st year free (Now 120$)

Applying for the Amex gold with my refferal link clic here below

P.S. Don’t forget that you have to transfert 25000 Amex points rewards to 25000 Aeroplan miles to get up to 50000 Miles with the 25000 Miles already in your Aeroplan account from the TD card, the transfert is 1:1

Here’s my trip to Mexico and Hawaï with 45000 Aeroplan miles in January 2015 with a 1 day stop over in San Fransisco starting from BTV, I got enough time to visit the famous Bridge and Alcatraz in San Fran. Why from Burlington? because of cheaper taxes there compare to Montreal.

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So this how I did it thanks to those 2 credit cards 🙂  Those same flights normally would cost around 1400$CAD to do without the 45000 Aeroplan Miles but cost me only 148$CAD in taxes.


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People are always scared of what happen to your credit score if you cancel a card, don’t worry about that and pay you bills on time is the trick here to keep a good score. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years now, I got 12 credit cards on me right now (cancelling, new ones and cancelling) and my credit score is fine, see for yourself

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Thanks and Happy traveling