A trick how to book a flight that it’s impossible to book directly on Google flights or somewhere else

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How to book a flight that it’s impossible to book directly on Google flights and says that you have to call a travel agency with flight numbers to book it, well I tried once and called an agent and he told me that he can’t find it with is software also. So the trick here is to install a script into your browser that works with the Matrix ITA software website and book directly from there.


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But there is a solution for this and the only way to book this deal here to Manila in the Philippines and Seoul South Korea for 752$ is to install a script into you browser that will be possible to buy that trip at the price seen in Google flight directly with the Matrix ITA software website.

Steps how to install the script:

  • Download the app for the browser that you used on your computer. Ex: In Google Chrome. The app is called Tampermonkey.

Download app here —> Tampermonkey.net

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  • After app is installed, you have to install the script that will work with ITA Matrix, you can use this link here to install it simply and automatically in the Tampermonkey app.

Link for the script  —->  Script pour ITA Matrix

  • After installation, make sure that Tampermonkey is running the script into you browser.

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  • Then, go to the Matrix ITA Software website and see if you have the version of the script running on top right of the website, if you see version 0.21 +, that mean it’s running and you good to go.

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  • Now you are able to book Flights directly from Matrix ITA Website with the script running. Copy the results from your Goolge flights search and redo the same and enter exactly the same thing on Matrix ITA website, it has to be the same run as in your Google flights searchs to get the same results, with the exact carriers codes and flights numbers. Ex: Asiana 703, the code is OZ703, with Air Canada 601, the code is AC601. If you do not know the code of the carrier in question, you can find here on this website –> Carriers code finder
  • On the ITA website , you have to click the Advanced routing codes option for entering carrier codes and flight numbers just like you see it on the Google flight search here on top of this page.

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  • Here is an exemple of a copy of the Google flights search that you see up on this page to the ITA website airfare search page. With the exact carrier codes and flight numbers.
  • List of carrier codes here


18-09-2016 6-31-23 PM

  • Here is the result of that search with the script running, you have links to book directly from ITA

18-09-2016 6-44-20 PM

  • This is the result after clicking the Air Canada link with the + « CA » for $CAD

18-09-2016 6-51-26 PM

All you have to do now is pay for this nice deal to Asia directly on Air Canada website for only 752$CAD, this deal his working right now and you can search other dates on Google flights and if you don’t have the links to book over there then do the trick here and book it directly from ITA Matrix website.


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