Trick how to pick up 121166 Aeroplan Miles with credit cards that give welcome bonuses without paying any annual fees.

Trick how to pick up 121166 Aeroplan Miles with credit cards that give welcome bonuses without paying any annual fees.

Pour en Français ici —> Astuce comment ramasser 121166 Miles Aeroplan avec des cartes de crédit qui donnent des primes de bienvenue sans payer aucun frais annuels.


How to travel for cheap ?? Here’s a trick how to pick up 121166 Miles Aeroplan (Now + 10000 Miles with the new TD Infinite Visa Aeroplan promo) for a total now of 131166 121166 Miles for flights on Aeroplan program with welcome bonuses that credit card gives without paying any annual fee for the first year, you decide to cancel or not before the annual fee for the 2nd year for some cards.


Here are the steps: Open an Aeroplan account if you have not already done so.

1. Subscribe for this card here –> for the American Express Gold business free for the 1st year even if you don’t have company you can be a self-employed with your name with a Inc. Enr. or others. You must put all your purchases on this card for the first 3 months, to be sure to spend the minimum amount of $ 5000 required to get the 40000 bonus rewards points, the date begins at the opening of the account and not when you get it . If you think you are not able to spend the minimum needed with your regular purchases, you can pay your insurance, Hydro Quebec, rents, municipal taxes etc. with this card with the help of website but with 2% to 2.5% fee per transaction (The first $500 will be free of charge with my reference). Ex: Pay your municipal taxes $2000 so the fee will be $50 and this $2000 will be counted as a purchase on your Amex card.

2. After 3 months, with this same Amex Gold Company card, you will refer to yourself the American Express Gold personal card and you will receive 10000 points for your reference (Reference is no more as of July 21st). Then with this free (Now this card cost 150$) Amex Gold Personal Card for the first year also you must spend the minimum $1500 of purchases on the card in the first 3 months starting from the opening of the account just like the business card to get the bonus of 25000 Amex points rewards. Again, you can pay your rent or taxes with this card on

* I have always got my reference points by referring myself so it should work for you too.

3. After receiving bonus points from both Amex cards, you should have 40000 + 10000 + 25000 + the 6500 points accumulated with your purchases on your cards = 81500 71500Amex points rewards to be transferred to Aeroplan 1: 1 = 81500 71500 Aeroplan Miles.

4. Subscribe for this card –> The Visa TD Infinite which is also free in the first year and which will give you a 15000 Miles Aeroplan after your first purchase but with the new promotion going on right now (Promo ended in May , now the card cost 120$ and it is not free for the first year anymore), get 15000 after the first purchase + 10000 after 3 months of regular use = 25000 Miles Aeroplan.

5. Subscribe to this card –> The Visa Marriott also free for the first year to get 50000 Marriott rewards points after your first purchase and to transfer to Aeroplan with SPG website 3: 1 therefore 50000 points Marriott rewards = 16666 Starpoints (SPG) = 16666 Miles Aeroplan. (Sometimes Aeroplan gives bonus miles by transferring Starwood Points to Aeroplan)

6. Subscribe to this free card anytime here –> Master Card MBNA Best Western and receive 40000 BW rewards points after the first purchase on the card, open a Best Western Rewards account and give your account number to MBNA to get the points and then transfer those points to Aeroplan Miles = 8000 Miles.


So doing this trick on 1 year length for example, you’ll accumulated 124666 114666miles just with the welcome bonuses of those cards + points with your purchases when spending the minimum required of $5000 and $1500 to get the bonuses on the 2 Amex cards.

With 124,666 114666 bonus points + 6500 points for your minimum spent with your purchases on Amex = 131166 121166 miles transferred to Aeroplan you can go anywhere in the world and you just have to pay taxes. Example 4 flights all over North America $14 from Burlington, 3 return flights to Caribbean or Costa Rica, 2 trips to Western Europe or 1 trip to India, Asia or Australia


*Warning this trick here is for information and is working at the time when I wrote this article, credit card companies can change at any time the modalities regarding bonuses and free of charge for the 1st year offers. Always read the terms and conditions on their sites before subscribing to those credit cards.

Also, I advise you not to do this trick if you will not pay in full your accounts for those credit cards, the interest are very high so doing this trick by not paying your accounts in full every month will not serve you anything and in addition the Amex cards here are charge cards, so they must be paid in full every months.

The links to subscribe to Amex cards are my personal references as a friend, so by referring you for the first time, I will have some points, it’s up to you to do the same after for yourself or with friends and families and everyone are getting points.


If you find that the minimum to spend from the American Express Gold Business Card is too much for you, you can still start with the American Express Gold personal card which will give you the opportunity to make a trip to North America with 25,000 Aeroplan Miles and $14 CAD of taxes

Ex: Burlington to San Francisco and then to Anchorage in Alaska and back to Burlington for $ 14 CAD of taxes.

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Other examples here —> How to travel to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or San Francisco for only $ 14 CAD

This is how you can travel for cheap 🙂

Of course there are other cards, I got even more cards since I currently roll 16 credit cards of which a dozen alternately just for points and Miles, it’s been 4 years now that I do this, I booked 3 trips with the Aeroplan program. I always pay all my accounts in full and on time and as you can see, my credit rating in 2017 is still excellent despite the number of credit cards in hand for all those years.


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